Wednesday, January 15, 2014

At the Starting Line

It's been a harrowing couple of months. I'm happy to report, for those who follow me here and no where else (are there any people like that? I doubt it. But just in case.) Coda is doing really well. He WAS doing perfectly, until last week when a pit bull attacked him, but despite a few staples in his head,  which seems like small potatoes compared to all he's been though since August, he's doing fine. And that is a huge relief to all of us here at Casa Fontana.

So that being said, it's game on for FET #1. I had all of the preliminary tests in November and December and started medications 3 weeks ago. All of the monitoring visits thus far have gone great, and while I'm not exactly enjoying the injectables, I have my wonderful new neighbor (a former EMT) doing my PIO shots and it helps a lot having been down this road once already. Tomorrow is the day for the transfer... but first we have to get the green light. The element that is out of anyone's control is whether or not the embryos survive the defrosting process. For those of you who have been playing along at home, we have two frozen 5-day blastocysts (frozen together in one straw, unfortunately, so we don't have the luxury of thawing them one at a time) waiting for us. They will defrost tonight. If they both survive the thaw, our RE will transfer the best looking one and re-freeze the other. If only one survives, we will transfer that one. And if neither one of them survives... that's it. Game over. Out of the baby making game forever.

It's hard not to be a little freaked out by that thought- that we could have gone through the expense, stress, and discomfort of 100 shots and may not even get a chance to TRY. I truly feel like I will be "ok" whether we conceive or not, but dammit I am going to be really disappointed if we have nothing to transfer.

So tomorrow morning we will get the "go or no go" call from CRM. Here's hoping that it's a go, that the transfer goes well, and that this is the first step on yet another awesome journey. I'm up for it.

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