Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Could be worse...

I have a cold. Not a really bad cold, just a mild one so far, but it is not cool. I left sub plans for tomorrow on my desk, but I hate to call in for a small cold. I have to admit though, by the end of the day today I was ultra wiped out, even more than usual. I stuck it out, but I do not really want to push it and make myself worse. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow it will be evident whether going in is the right thing to do. I don't really feel contagious, I never had a fever or anything, but with all the bugs I am exposed to, I hate to risk spreading it to the kids or picking up something worse because my immune system is shot.

Other than that, not a lot to report. Seems like the puking was the grand finale to my evening sickness, because that was the end of it, really. I am trying not to read to much into that, but you know me. I'm worrying again. 18 days seems like an eternity until the next ultrasound. Sis and I talked about those joints where you can buy 15 minutes of ultrasound time for like $100, and I have to admit it's tempting. Of course it's just recreational, not diagnostic, but I would sure feel better seeing those little hearts beating. Maybe when my folks are here. We'll see.
Happy to say that I will be 11w tomorrow. This first trimester is simultaneously flying by and dragging on. I won't really feel like I have graduated until my 13w ultrasound. Sorry for the boring post, but just wanted to say that I'm still here and no news is good news. 

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Momma Ann said...

Sorry to hear you under the weather. School has officially begun because you have your first bug of the year. I'll be happy to make you chicken soup when we're there. Take care of yourself...if you were sniffling up here, everyone would accuse the pollen count! Love you! XOXOX M