Friday, September 12, 2008

Used Parks Flo Lab 2100 Vascular Doppler Machine
Used Parks Flo Lab 2100 Vascular Doppler Machine

Look! It's on eBay! Buy It Now of only $5500! Who loves me enough to buy it for me?


Arianna said...

I love you enough to pay for your are totally insane. Everything is fine, beautiful happy healthy babies just floating around in there Im sure. Step away from the are ill. Just the fact that you were on ebay and happened to thin kof that assures me that your hormones are way out of wack....and you are soooo pregnant! And FYI---you are becoming more like GEEGEE everyday!

Kel said...

Sweetheart, we love you so much but step away from the computer now!!!! Actually, just go ahead and throw it in the pool. I am sure that will be less money than the long term therapy. Lets run toward something else. Perhaps it is time to begin decorating and enjoying the exciting stuff that comes with being pregers. Paint is in our future. Maybe it is time to begin the baby shower guest list and calling to find out how to register at all the places that seem wonderful to you. RELAX. This is all going to be fantastic - but you have to let go and enjoy.