Friday, January 9, 2009

Lamest. Ever.

Usually I come back from the doctor's with tales of baby cuteness and new "specs" on how the ladies are growing and thriving.

Not today.

Today, we had the man doctor.

The practice just hired him, and based on this morning's experience, I give him a C-. The other 2 doctors at the office are both female, both very friendly and chatty and outgoing, and both take plenty of time to admire these little creatures we have made, and to talk about and calm any concerns I might have. Not the guy doctor. He was literally in and out in about 4 minutes, and that included another Fetal Fibronectin test and (Hooray! my favorite!) a world famous "digital" cervical check. (Whyyyy can't you use the ultrasound? It's riiiight theeeeere.) (That was to be whined, as I was whining it in my mind.) He also looked at the babies hearts, only to confirm that they are in fact beating. Literally that's it. Not at all the personal touch the ladies were giving us. No cute pictures. No speculating on their future personalities. Nuthin,

So, according to the internets, the girls should be just shy of 2 lbs. each, and close to 14 inches long. I do know that Soph is still head down and Liv is still transverse across the top, head on my left, feet on my right. Nothing new there.

Sorry there is nothing cute for you. I will leave you with my 26 week belly, pics of the girls from Winnie Palmer's 2 weeks ago, and the hope that next Tuesday, when we are back there, there will be more cute babiness to report.

The 26 week belly:

Sophia, in profile:

Olivia, looking right at the camera. Can you see the tooth buds?

And, as an added bonus to attempt to compensate for the lameness of this post, "Pinkie," one of my Hermit Crabs:

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gd said...

I do NOT know how all these preggos let a man's hand up there. I could not. One time I had a kidney infection and my doc wasn't in, but a man was, and he had a hot student doctor with him, and he said "Have you had sex recently?" and I was squirming so bad and couldn't answer in a normal voice. So congrats for even letting him through!

I love your belly!!

My word verification today is "megic." COME ON. It either needs to be a real word or a nonsense word. NOT A MISSPELLED WORD.