Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My First Meme and Two Conundrums

Ok, the gist of this Meme is pretty simple: 25 Random Facts About Me. My friend Genny did it over on Facebook, and I will crosspost this over there at some point. Genny's was really entertaining and interesting and I wrote mine and then decided it was possibly the most boring thing on earth, but in keeping with my theme of boringness (a live weasel, remember?) it might just be appropriate for my blog. Here goes.

25 Random Things About Lindsay:

1. I eat Raisin Bran every morning, but I would way rather eat Corn Pops.
2. I have become a bit of a pain-in-the-ass advocate for the proper care of hermit crabs. Most people who keep them as pets are terribly uneducated about the way they need to be maintained.
3. I am left-handed, and secretly hope my girls are too, although I don't really know why.
4. My favorite television shows involve medical anomalies: born without eyelids, my son has two foreheads, the 300 lb. 5-year-old, you know the type. Dearest can't stand them.
5. I unabashedly sing in the car, mainly Indigo Girls or Ani Difranco. I do not apologize for that.
6. I was a total cat person until I got a dog.
7. For 11 years I drove the same car, and when the tow truck came to take it for the last time I had a total emotional meltdown. I still miss my Taurus.
12. My last name changed 4 times in 4 years.
13. I moved a lot as a kid, but every house we moved into my dad planted a pink rose bush for me and a yellow one for my sister.
14. Even though I am not religious, I found the Vatican to be totally awe-inspiring.
15. I am not at all afraid of bugs or spiders, not even bees. Only crickets. I HATE crickets. (shudder)
16. I wanted to go garage sale-ing this summer to get some stuff for my classroom, but every time I pulled up to one I chickened out and couldn't get out of the car. Something about rejecting other people's stuff in front of them or something.
17. Every time I watch Dr. G, Medical Examiner, I wish I had her job. Truly if I had my education to do over again I might have become a coroner.
18. My favorite food is fair food: corn dogs, kettle corn, mini doughnuts, etc.
19. But I try to eat organic and whole foods as much as I can too, which directly contradicts the whole fair food thing I just said.
20. I teach the kids in my class all the funny camp songs my mom taught me when I was little. I bet they go home and sing them and their parents wonder what exactly I am teaching their kids.
21. I gave myself roughly 60 shots this summer, mostly in my stomach.
22. I'm all about saving the earth, but not about reusing other peoples stuff. Most used baby stuff people give me goes straight into the charity pile. Somebody else can reuse it.
23. I have had the entire Tampa Secret Service in my living room at one time, complete with a battering ram (which they had just used to knock down my front door) and bullet proof vests.
24. There is no limit to how many times I could watch the movie "Moonstruck."
25. I do not like bananas or banana flavoring. At all. In any form. Yes, I know it is terribly good for you.

There you go. My first Meme. If you are the blogging or Facebooking type, I invite you to do one, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Now onto my 2 conundrums.

Number One: The crib mattresses have arrived! Hooray! I had to special order them, because it was really important to me that my babies be on organic crib mattresses (can ya hear me crunchin' on the granola from where you are?). I know not everyone shares this philosophy, and to those who don't and who think the price we paid for them is ridiculous, I say this: if you want to have kids and lay them down to sleep in a vat of chemical flame-retardant, knock yourself out. I'm not telling anyone else what to do, I am just saying for ME this was the right choice, and if we can afford it then so be it. I was willing to make financial sacrifices elsewhere. ("WHERE???" I can hear Dearest thinking, "WHERE did you make those sacrifices???) Just trust me, I did, OK? But, here is where the conundrum starts. The mattresses were delivered, as I said. But we were not billed for them. Hmm. So... what do we do? I mean, I know the right thing would be to call and tell them we didn't get billed. Clearly, that would be the right thing to do. It IS however a little tempting to just let it slide. What with me not working and all. But do I really want to put my babies down at night on STOLEN mattresses? That doesn't seem right. But then again, it is a lot of money... I think for now we will take a wait and see approach, and just see if the charges hit our account in the next few days. It's just that we ordered them a while ago, and it seems like they have had lots of time to bill us already.

Number two: Scrapbooking. How am I going to do this? It's really not clear cut, and believe me I have AGONIZED over it. Scrapbooks or traditional baby books? One book or one for each baby? I went into Michael's today and stood staring, mouth agape, at the line of Martha Stewart scrapping stuff, which I had never seen before. I poured over the aisles of beautiful paper. I drooled at the embellishments. I thought about when I started scrapping and how very limited the choices were and how much more creative I had to be to get a finished looking page. I thought about how maybe that was better, because all these choices are a little overwhelming and I am afraid I am going to "screw up" which has never crossed my mind when thinking about scrapping before. So here's where I am at. I have a small (8X8) scrapbook that will be the pregnancy book. I bought 2 old-school, fill-in-the-blank with some room for pictures baby books. They should each have their own, right? But scrapping 2 from scratch seems like way too much. With the blanks, hopefully I won't miss too much in the blur that is babyhood, plus it has some empty pages to put stuff that is not covered on the scripted pages. I kinda feel like I am cheating by going this route, but I am scared that if I don't keep it simple it is not going to get done, and that I would really regret. I am also contemplating keeping a family scrapbook in my normal format (12X12) but is that kind of redundant at this point? I mean, what are Dearest and I going to be doing worth recording this year that is not tied into the girl's lives? See what I'm saying? The other thing that could be good or bad is that the baby books do not have coverings on the pages, which means I am going to have to go very light on the embellishments, plus the pages already come kind of decorated. Is this stifling or am I doing myself a favor here? Help!!!

Stay tuned, February belly shot soon to come (oh, the humanity!), plus I will post a link to how you can see the whole maternity shoot as soon as I get one.


gd said...

I'm so glad you did this!!
1. A lady came into the public library once with one of our Hermit Crab care books and said we needed to get rid of it ASAP because it gave, in her opinion, instructions on how to KILL a hermit crab rather than take care of it. She was MAD!
2. Because lefties are wonderfully quirky...that's why. :)
3. Do you still listen to Frente? You made me love them!
4. The Taurus...wow. We took that thing EVERYWHERE!!
5. Kem--Guido--Kem--Fontana?
6. Garage-saling....I KNOW! Especially those little ones with only like one table of stuff. I hate giving them a lame little "thanks..." as I walk away empty-handed.
7. We have to keep crickets in the house to feed our bearded dragon. They suck. And they smell like poonanny, for serious.
8. I LOVE that your dad planted rose bushes for you two! How did I not know that?
9. Banana-haters forEVER!

10. I'd not do anything proactive with the mattresses...(and I totally support your decision to get them, btw). After all--you're so busy, how could you POSSIBLY notice you were never billed for them? What do they think you are, some kind of...bored person...who would notice...or something...I don't know, never mind.

11. EEEK scrapbooking! I guess *I* would make ONE big 12x12 for 'family'--because you're going to have a bunch of photos of both girls together, and you guys, and you can also put pics in of other stuff you do. Then make one fill-in baby book each, for each girl. That way, you can save the uber-adorable embellies for the 12x12 covered pages, while still maintaining adequate (and not intimidating) records for each gal. And you can still stick adorable sticky ribbons on the baby books~!

Arianna said...

Genny- I didnt know Dad planted roses for us either.....dont feel bad! =)

LilBear said...

Maybe both rose bushes were for me and I just assumed one was for you! Ha!

The hermit crab lady who came in and was mad didn't look anything like me, did she? It makes me crazy the misinformation out there!!! On eHow it tells you to put your crab under running tap water weekly. Seriously. First of all, it is a misnomer that crabs need to be "bathed" (uh...who is bathing them in nature? NO ONE!!!), also tap water contains chlorine which is very fatal to them, also hermit crabs have gills that they keep moist with salt water that they store in their shell. If you pour tap water in there they can't breathe! I almost threw the computer when I came across that website. Also the pet stores sell these hermit crab "kits" with the plastic enclosure and everything, and they are a recipe for disaster. DON'T GET ME STARTED.

If my pets required me to feed them live crickets, I do not know what I would do. It would be really bad. I might get rid of the pet. Truly. I know they are supposed to be good luck in some cultures but they give me the heebie jeebies.

I totally still listen to Frente but what sucks is they are not on iTunes, so how am I supposed to put them on my iPod? Importing the CD is just a hair too labor intensive for me.

Also you are right, I barely have time to notice silly things like $600 disappearing from our account. In fact, I never even noticed that it didn't come out of there, I'm so busy!