Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Nursery and the Nurser

Even though it's still awaiting the final touches, I am chomping at the bit to put some nursery pictures up here. The paint came out so cute, and when mom and I finally unrolled the rug which tied everything together I could have jumped up and down. Well, really, no I couldn't have. But I wanted to. All that is missing is the crib mattresses, wall decor (the girls names over their cribs, framed baby pics of family) and curtains. It's so close, and I couldn't wait to share.

There has been a little controversy in the household recently. About two weeks ago, I got my maternity pictures taken, and about a week ago the preview shots came back. I am beside my self with happiness about the way things went- the shoot was lovely and intimate and not at all forced, the chemistry with the photographer was great, and the pics so far look amazing. The controversy involves some pictures she took of me at the lake where I am sans shirt. I AM covering my boobs with my hands. I really like the pictures. Dearest is not so convinced- he is pretty sure that any pictures of women with out shirts are, at the very least, soft core porn. (When did he get so conservative? He's always had a thing about public nudity, I guess.) Anyway, I don't see it that way at all, in fact I kind of like the way my body looks in the picture which is amazing because I have found my body slightly horrifying as of late. So... not that I was planning on ordering it in poster size and hanging it over the TV or anything, but is this picture inappropriate?


Arianna said...

so Glad to see the nursey! It is amazing- i love the way its coming together- I cant believe the girls are coming home so soon. AS far as the porn- ummmm..... def. not soft core. Its lovely- and not at all offensive.

bella1021 said...

i love the picture,.... i think you need poster sized above the bed ;)

gd said...

Ohmy FREAK, I LOVE that room! Can you please paint my bedroom??? (I mean, if you have time, what with the two babies.)

Gorgeous, gorgeous photo. I like pregnant-bare-belly photos a lot, but it always seems like, even in formal photos, the mamas push their shirts up out of the way. Nothing WRONG with it, really, it just doesn't look natural. Yours, though, is so organic and wonderful.