Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 5

Day 05- Something you hope to do in your life.

Well this one could be really easy or really hard. What sprung to mind immediately seems totally do-able but also not at all. I just want to catch up on my scrapbooking. It's kind of my only hobby right now, besides wiping butts, and I get a lot of fulfillment out of completing a page. But it's always satisfaction coupled with guilt and feeling overwhelmed at all the pages ahead of me. I think I have done pretty well-- I just did baby books last year and allowed my self the year off from scrapping, and right now I am only a couple of months behind, but STILL. A couple of months is like 30 pages. Seems a little insurmountable sometimes. Not to mention that I have 2 other books kind of started that I want to do for ME, and a whole box of my Elementary-HS memorabilia waiting to be some how organized and displayed. I need hours and hours and hours to do it all, and time is the thing I ain't got.

But is this question supposed to be about something bigger? I guess, long term, I hope to have a fulfilling professional life. I loved being a tech, but it was not exactly a CAREER career, and I got a lot of satisfaction from teaching, but I'm not sure that was the end-all-be-all for me either. For now, I'm happy being a mom, and I hope I am lucky enough to stay at home until all of our kids are school aged, but I am not housewife material. If there are not kids at home, I want to work. I'm just not sure doing what.

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