Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay Strikes Again

Well, we were back at school today, and like I thought, it was kind of like the first day all over again, minus the first day jitters that make them quiet. This is a chatty bunch and I can tell we are going to be battling all year in that regard. By the end of the day, however, we were getting into the groove to some extent, when from the office, the announcement: watch the news tonight, this hurricane (now tropical storm) has turned around and school is questionable for tomorrow. Joy. And guess what? NO SCHOOL AGAIN tomorrow. 

Maybe they will decide to make these days up in June, and maybe this whole baby thing will work out so that I am not actually there in June. That's best case scenario here. More than likely we will lose the majority of Thanksgiving break. Poop.

So yesterday night Alex was over, and I told him. It was so fun. He and Kel have been the most fun people to tell, though in very different ways. Kel was the squealing, "I KNEW it!!!" kind of way, where as Alex seemed genuinely surprised. He knew, mind you, that we were doing IVF, and I'm not really sure what he thought the end result of that particular venture might be...with Jazz you can never really tell what he's thinking. Anyway, he was so delighted, (he stays at our house so much I told him I hope he doesn't mind sharing his bedroom with a small, cranky roommate) he just kept saying "Really? Are you serious?" and he was grinning ear-to-ear and he was so genuinely happy that I hated to give him the customary disclaimers. But I did. (It's so early, you never know, anything could happen, etc etc.)

There's the scoop. Guess tomorrow it's me and Dr. Google on the couch. Poop. 

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