Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No news...

is good news.

Nothing dramatic to report. 

I have a few little twinges here and there that might be considered a symptom, but I think that might be stretching it. Mainly in the morning, there is not enough food on earth for me. This morning I ate a big bowl of cereal and orange juice, 2 granola bars, an apple, and a bottle of gator.ade all before 11 am, and by the time we found somewhere to eat at 12:15, I was practically hallucinating from hunger. Then after I eat lunch I immediately wish I had not eaten lunch, I just feel bloaty and yuck. Even though I am hungry the rest of the day I actually want no part of food, I'm starving but nothing sounds good. Keep in mind that on a scale of 1-10 all of these symptoms rank about a 2. It is not that unusual for me to be hungry early and often. My mom has some saying about us being "an army who travels on our stomach" or something, because when we are together we are constantly plotting our next meal, even while we are still eating our current meal.

Sorry, I feel like this post is really boring, I just wanted to put something out there for those who are getting most of their info about our developments through this blog. I've been back at work this week, getting ready to warp the next generation of 5 year olds. I got my class list yesterday, it's so exciting to look at all of their little names and to try and imagine what they will be like. I am excited to get to know them. I can not believe my demographic this year...last year I had 17 boys and 6 girls (aaaaahhhhhh!!!) this year (so far) I have 11 girls and 8 boys! Woah! I don't really speak girl. I catered to such a testosterone-laden audience (yes, even at age 5) last year that I was all pumped up for Kindergarten boot camp this year. Now what? Girls? This changes everything! I can't say the word "underpants" to bring everything in my classroom to a screeching halt. That was my ace in the hole last year. If I was trying to teach any concept, and could somehow work the word underpants in to it, I had an attentive audience. Anyway, it's been good to be back at work, it gives me a lot to think about and stops me from spending all day consulting Dr. Google about every possible outcome (most of them horrific) of our present situation. 

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Arianna said...

I know no news is good news....but I still like GOOD news =)