Friday, July 25, 2008

7th Heaven

I was not going to call the Doctor for the fertilization report.

I was going to let them call me.

Because, you see, I am not the demanding, high-maintenance type. Or so I kept telling myself.

But the thing is, it was 2:00. And my friend Kel started threatening that she was going to call them if I didn't. So I did. It was peer pressure, I swear.

Thankfully, the news was very good. Of the 10 eggs they retrieved, 8 were mature. And 7 fertilized.

Deep breath, followed by sigh of relief.

I was feeing ok when I first got up this morning, I thought "I've got this. A couple of Tylenol and I am good to go." Hah! By 10:30 I was literally writhing on the couch. I took a Darvocet at 11 and by 11:15 I was back to feeling really good. I guess I am going to stick with the Darvocets for the rest of the day, because I have a pretty high pain tolerance but this morning was uncool. 
I have made it through this afternoon thanks in no small part to Kel's company, not to mention the delicious grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, and strawberry cake that she brought from my favorite local sandwich shop. (It's called Cheeser's Palace. Brilliant!) Now I'm going to take a little snooze and dream about our 7 little ones who are hopefully continuing to flourish in an incubator across town.

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*Lindsay* said...

Congrats to you! They should have called you a long time ago. Sweet dreams of growing embies. Don't shy away from the Darvocet. I haven't taken any today, but I want to and I think I will before our 2 hour drive to the ET destination tonight. Lots of good thoughts!