Friday, July 18, 2008

Stim Check 7/18

Well, so far so good. I have about 3 "lead" 11mm follies on each side, with quite a few smaller ones on my left ovary. It is always the showoff. So nothing has changed much, just continuing the Lupron and HCG shots in the morning, and Follistim at night. Plus antibiotics, baby aspirin, prenatal vitamins, etc etc. Ha! And all this into the body of a girl who has spent the last several years trying to do everything in the most organic, low-impact manner possible. It's not even ironic. It's just kind of sad.

I'm feeling fine, really. Everyone who knows what's going on asks me a thousand times a day, and I think they are maybe a little disappointed to hear that I feel pretty normal. For a human pincushion. The other day I accidentally stapled my finger at school, I couldn't believe it. I went running into Kel's room and I said "Damn it! A wasted puncture!!! That makes 5 punctures in one day!" 

Really the worst thing has been that the antibiotic is supposed to make you photo-sensitive, so I have been avoiding the sun, which is torture because our beautiful pool is sparkling in the back yard, and the water is like 89, which is so perfect, and I can't go out there. I have been waiting and Dearest and I have been swimming when he gets home at night, but it is not as good as swimming in the SUN!!! Even when I go to feed and water the chickens I have to try to stay in the shade of the coop. Lame lame lame.

Anyway, not trying to complain. Thrilled with the stim check. That's what's up.


Solinger said...

So glad to here that the appt. went well! Yea! One step closer to baby. This must be really raxing, and I cant pretend to know what its feels like, but I do know that I adore you and am excited to welcome your children come hell or high water.......LOVE YOU!

Solinger said...

ok so meant taxing....not raxing. Typing with 3 kiddos all trying to help isnt the simplist'll see.

*Lindsay* said...

Hi Florida Linds! Glad to see your stim check went well. Doc has me still on stims and I go back in Monday morning. I am hoping for some great news for both of us.

Keep that finger away from the staplers. They are dangerous. I have been banned from standing on chairs at school because a few years ago, i proceeded to fall off the chair and crash into the overhead cart and have a bruised kidney. Needless to say, I am a klutz :)