Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Magnificent Seven

You could have knocked me over with a feather when the embryologist's nurse called today at noon. On a Saturday? That surely can not be good news.

But guess what? It was good news. Very good. 

She said that "The embryos are all looking great, and Dr. B wants to change from a 3-day to a 5-day transfer." Hooray! We are going for a blast transfer! 

This news comes on the heels of an article that I read yesterday by a Dr. who will only do blast transfers. He went on and on about how the only reason embryos stop growing in the lab (assuming lab conditions are adequate) is due to a chromosonal problem, so any embryos that don't make it to 5 days in the lab will not make it in the uterus either. He sited some research, and when asked by a reader why any labs would do a 3 day he basically said that they do it to make themselves look better. In other words, if the failure to thrive happens in utero instead of in a petri dish then you will never wonder if it was something the lab did. It was a distressing thing to read, and it made Dearest and I really think about asking the lab to push for a blast transfer, even if that means that we only have one to transfer and none to freeze. They wouldn't have made it anyway, according to this guy, right? Anyway, I totally agree that not everything on the internet can be taken as gospel, and I have utmost trust and respect for my RE and the staff, so if they said 3 day was the way to go, we would have done it. But it was a huge relief to hear that they are all doing so well and I am hoping they continue to thrive so we can feel really good about the 5 day transfer. 

This is also good news because I feel like I could use a little more time to recover from the egg retrieval. I am still pretty sore, truthfully more than I thought I would be. It will be nice to be back at 100% before the next procedure. The only downside of delaying is that it means 2 more days of PIO shots. I have to tell you Nurse Jodi has been awesome, even coming to the house to do the shots. I am grateful to her, and I think Dearest is considering building a shrine in her honor since it means that he is off the hook in regards to darting me with the vicious 22 gauge 2.5" needle. Next to our shrine to Nurse Jodi I will build a shrine to Darvocet, my savior the past couple of days.

There's all today's news. Keep those good vibes coming for our little guys!


*Lindsay* said...

Good news for you! Hope your transfer goes flawlessly. We had two embies transfered that the embryologist loved, so that was good news. Now we wait. Good luck to you, Sweetie!

Kel said...

WAHOOOOOO!!! We are here cheering. This is great news!