Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Back from Stim Check Numero Dos. Yup, on a Sunday morning. And the place was jammed. Hard to believe there are so many souls in the same boat...

So, it went ok, I think, but not exactly perfect. I have about 6 follies on the right, all in the 11mm ball park. The left ovary is a little more erratic. I have 2 biggies, one about 15 and one more like 17, and then about 10 little guys around 8mm. This is not ideal. They need to get the big ones to settle down and give the hoards a chance to catch up. So they are dropping my Follistim to 125 (from 225). My E2 level was around 1300. They always tell me what the level is, but they never tell me what it's supposed to be. Is 1300 on day 7 good or bad? Anyway, we were hoping for a Friday retrieval, I am not sure if I should hang on to that hope or not. Guess it depends on what those little follicles do. Come on, dudes!

I still feel ok, a little pangy around the middle, but nothing that will slow me down. I have had moments of weepyness (to Dearest's chagrin and befuddlement). That is so not me. Also, I forgot to pay the anesthesiologist. Yes, you read that correctly. I was supposed to pre-pay him on treatment day 1, but they moved things around and I was so fixated on getting my meds and appointments all in order and I just flaked. Worst. Wife. Ever. Because, you see, there was a sizeable discount if you pre paid a week prior to your procedure, a discount we will not be receiving on account of I am a retard. And at the time they told us about said discount I was like "Oh, I will remember to pay that for sure! I would never anger the man in charge of the pain drugs!" Turns out the man in charge of the pain drugs does not give a damn, but the man in charge of the bank account, whom I vowed to love, honor, etc, was (rightfully so) not thrilled with me in the least.

So that made Saturday not great. It was like we did all the normal Saturday things we usually relish: running errands, hanging out, swimming, etc. But we did it with this feeling of waiting for something hanging over our heads. I wish I could think of anything besides possible outcomes. But apparently my head is so full of possible outcomes that I can't save any cells to remind me to pay the anesthesiologist. Derp.

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